Suez Canal Authority posts its highest ever daily transit rate

SUEZ Canal Authority head Osama Rabie announced that the canal achieved its highest daily throughput rate in history, with 107 ships transiting in both directions and a net tonnage of 6.3 million tons, reports the Egypt Independent.


Of these, 56 ships with a net tonnage of 3.4 million tons passed through the canal from the north, while 51 ships with a net tonnage of 2.9 million tons crossed from the south.


Mr Rabie attributed this success to the new Suez Canal project, which increased the canal's absorptive capacity and readiness to accommodate giant ships with large drafts.


This achievement reflects the leadership's vision of developing the canal's navigational course in the short and medium term.


Currently, a project is under development to enhance the southern sector of the canal, which will increase navigational safety rates 28 per cent and the canal's capacity by six additional vessels.


These ships included various types, such as containerships, bulk carriers, tankers, car carriers, multi-purpose vessels and general cargo ships.