Cold Chain Logistics

Ensure the integrity of your cold chain 
Controlled-atmosphere solutions for temperature-sensitive cargo
Companies moving temperature-sensitive products trust King Star Logistics because we tailor our services to the specific needs of different industries, from technology to pharmaceuticals, from food to aerospace. Whether we’re moving or storing temperature-sensitive products, we protect their integrity end to end, all along the cold chain.
While temperature-controlled facilities and containers have revolutionized the storage and transportation of certain perishable foods and created exciting new opportunities for suppliers, some sensitive cargo requires special care and handling beyond temperature management. We have over a decade of experience in building and delivering all manner of cold chain solutions. 

Our cold chain logistics team will work with you to design, manage, and execute a solution that best meets your cold chain needs, optimizing your supply chain performance and reducing cargo exposure.Powered by our insight into a range of industries, these solutions can be short- or long-term, import- or export-focused, storage- or transportation-based – whatever you need.

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